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If you've got an origami copyright question and can't find the answer elsewhere, or if you've found an obviously infringing work somewhere online, please get in touch with us at this address:

OAC-member authors and creators can be contacted directly via their websites (linked at right, whever possible.)

Regular Members:

Himanshu Agrawal (India)

Mark Bolitho (United Kingdom;
BOS General Secretary)

David Brill (United Kingdom)

Kade Chan (Hong Kong)

Roman Diaz (Uruguay/Canada)

Rikki Donachie (United Kingdom)

Bruno Ferraz (Brazil)

Sandra Gullino (Brazil)

Takashi Hojyo (Japan;
JOAS Board Member)

Marc Kirschenbaum (USA;
OrigamiUSA Board Member)

Hideo Komatsu (Japan;
JOAS Board Member)

Ronald Koh (Singapore)

Jason Ku (USA;
OrigamiUSA Board Member)

Michael LaFosse (USA)

Robert Lang (USA)

John Montroll (USA)

Meenakshi Mukerji (USA)

Seiji Nishikawa (Japan;
JOAS Board Member)

Marcio Noguchi (USA;
OrigamiUSA Board Member)

Francis Ow (Singapore)

Won Park (USA)

Jan Polish (USA)

Juan Manuel Lima Rivas (Bolivia)

Nick Robinson (United Kingdom)

June Sakamoto (USA)

Yuri & Katrin Shumakov (Canada)

Koichi Tateishi (Japan;
JOAS Board Member)

Nicolas Terry (France)

Joseph Wu (Canada)

Makoto Yamaguchi (Japan;
founder, Gallery Origami House)

Associate Members:

Japan Origami Academic Society (JOAS) (Japan)

OrigamiUSA (USA)

Technical support:

Anne LaVin (USA)

(please note that all names are in Western name order, with surname last.)

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